Sunday, May 31, 2009

Awkward photos? you know you have one!

Check out this site.  It's new and already has more hits than I'll get in my lifetime.  I had a few good belly laughs this morning and thought you might need one too.  It'll make you think twice next time you smile for the camera!
Who? (are these people)  What? (were they thinking?)  When? (did it become OK to dress up like Pooh?)  Where? (In the world are these people from?)   WHY? (why? why? why?)e

The Van HelsingsSaturday Night Special: Bon Family Blowout

There are plenty more where these came from (here)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Greenhouse - old windows

This was the inspiration.  I found it here.

I would like to thank my lovely community for their involuntary contribution to this project.   Garbage night rocks!!!  It's amazing what people throw out.  I guess I should also give a big hand, a hug and lots of kisses to my fiance Big Mac and his ADD partner in crime Sherri.  Wait till you see this!!!!  Hold your breath.......

Isn't it fabulous?  Old Windows!!!  New greenhouse!!!   Yeah!!!  
Fresh tomatoes anyone?
It isn't actually completely finished,  I just 
had to share it with you. 

Blogger won't allow me to upload more pics (again). 
I'll post the "how they made it" pics ASAP.  Notice I said "they";  you see, I didn't have much of a hand in the construction of this beauty, I'm simply the idea gal.  "OOOOH I have an Idea, can you build it for me"  that kind of gal.  Big Mac loves it!!!!! There is always something to do.  Do you think I'm taking advantage of the fact that he has ADHD?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wish I was this Halifax Broad !

Have any of you read this blog yet?  
Sometimes I think I'm going to pee myself she's so funny.  I'd love, just for one day, to be able to express myself like her.  Thank you Cindy!!!  I read you every morning before I do anything else.         I'm on the bus!  I'm on the bus! 


She's a Mom, and the Owner/Creative Director of Broad Creative Communications, an award-winning advertising and design agency in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  
"a fashion "DON'T", a closet travel writer and wannabe interior designer. If you have a small business, a cause or charitable event you'd like to promote, send her an email. She'd love to help."

Fur-Babies Photo Shoot

Ever have a photo session with your animals?  Be sure and pick a time when they are tired.  You can always just give em a little poke to get their eyes open.
How cute is that?  That's one of my fur-babies.  B.B. Buttercup is her name.  She runs the show. 

 This beautiful creature is Eli, A.K.A- Handsome.  
He's very calm, cool and collected.     I think he 
resents his sister for being such a baby. "gives cats a bad rap"

His "bedroom eyes"

"Seriously? You're in my way."

Favorite spot, up in the loft away from all the noise.
"please, no more, I'm pooped"

Photos shot by Maggie Thomas.  Maggie LOVES animals and is a very patient and bubbly gal.  I guess you have to be if you want to deal with animals for a living.  She is just starting out and has great prices.  I you are interested and live in the Halifax area please don't hesitate to e-mail her.
Comments are always welcome!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Share With You Sunday

You have got to check out this shop on Etsy or here.I found my soap downtown Halifax at the Love Me boutique . They don't stock everything this little shop has to offer, but, I'm sure if you ask nicely....
I am in LOVE, L O V E, Love !!!!! I am allergic to just about everything I put on my face. Then I found this little wonder, Carrot Complexion Soap. Can you say Heaven?!
Sherrie Graham runs this home based business from Yarmouth Nova Scotia. I always like to support Local business but I'd buy these goodies from China if I had to. They are soooooo nice; they smell edible ( none of that yucky soapy smell you usually get from handmade soap) they lather just enough and rinse off perfectly. I've tried the carrot and the pink grapefruit loofah, now I'm hooked and have to try them all.

Pink Grapefruit Loofah Soap
This great little round bar of high-lather soap has a section of all-natural loofah embedded in it. It makes a great scrubby surface for elbows, feet, and anywhere you want smooth skin. This is a long lasting bar which is just plain lovely. The scent is light and fresh and a perfect morning pick-me-up.

Carrot Complexion Soap
The sunrise colour of these complexion bars comes from pure organic carrot juice. Its gentle fragrance, which smells faintly like a health food store, is very mild and is from pure howood essential oil. This nutrient-rich soap is full of skin conditioning ingredients such as cocoa butter and castor oil, and your skin will thank you for washing with it!

Lavender Bath Bar

I bet this is heavenly!

Cherry Almond Bath Bar
You really NEED to smell this, stop in to Love Me even if it's just to have a little sniff. You won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New goodies at Love Me !!!!

Just dropped off some new pieces at
Love Me Boutique. 
 Have you been there yet?  It's fantastic.  If you're looking for something unique you have to go check it out.  It has a little bit of everything.  All made by Canadian crafts-people; purses, jewelry, artwork, clothes, pottery, etc.... you name it she probably has it !    Most important are these beauties.......$40-$60      All are made from upcycled, recycled, previously loved; whatever you want to call it, suits.   Yes, suits.  They're fantastic, even if I do say so myself.   They are a lot of work, but I loved making them.  I didn't really want to give them away. ( a girl's gotta eat though and I know they'll get good homes)

These pictures really don't do them any justice.

I dropped off a few new tie watches and some different clutches. I can't upload the photos right now, Blogger is having a time out.  I'll post when I can.   

It's finally sunny here today and that means yardwork. My lawn looks like a grassy beast and I'm the only one that can use the electric (it has a cord?) mower.Have a Happy Happy Day.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Favorite photographer

I would like to introduce PatriciaSampson;
 my favorite photographer.  Cute eh?  Not only is she the most fabulous photographer in Halifax, she is my person, my thrifty/junky shopping partner, my way to spend the day getting inspiration partner, my favorite chocolate chip cookie maker and my brother's girlfriend.
You absolutely have to check out her pictures.  They're fun and fresh.

I have a little sampling of the beauty she captures.... I can hear all the ooooh's and aaaah's already.  enjoy !!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Handmade goodies!

I can't really go on with this blog until I show you some more of my goodies.  It may seem like this is all about me, well.... it kinda is.

Up-cycled ties  $45.00

You can purchase these bad-boys at
 Love Me Boutique
1539 Birmingham Street, Halifax.
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2J6
P: 902-444-3668
E: lovemebouti
W: www.lov

Baby blanket/throw  2.5'x3'  $50.00
Up-cycled wool sweaters with orange cotton on the back side. 
You'll be sooooo cool while baby stays warm and squishy with your exclusive (one of a kind) blanket.    
 I take custom orders and can make them out of tees if you'd like. :) 

My Ex-boyfriends sweater purse.   $25 - $35
I've made a ton of these, I can even make one for you if you have a favorite sweater (wool please) that would look better as a purse.  I don't want to know where it comes from, no names please, I don't want to get involved; just e-mail me for a quote.

Stuffies:  All made from up-cycled wool sweaters (washed and felted of course)  I make them randomly and do custom orders.    
They make me smile!  You just can't help yourself can you?                                                 


I promise it won't be all about me tomorrow.  I have a fantastic local photograher I want to share with you.  toodles

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where to Start?

Well, I have to start somewhere, so why not tell you and show you what I've been up to.
At least I think I can show you, I'm not 100% sure I know how to upload pics yet.  We'll find out soon.  
This past year has been really interesting to say the least.  It has forced me to slow down and learn how to take care of myself.  One of the best things I did for myself was "find my passion".  Yes, I said passion.  Apparently I didn't have any.  Who knew?  So I started to sew again.  I Love to sew!  who knew?  Well now,  Patty-cakes (my BFF- you'll be hearing a lot about her) does and she's been at the receiving end of my many sewing "adventures".  
I'll call them adventures because most times it's something I haven't done before and it's at her urging that I take the adventure.  Well, now I'm sewing like a mad woman and I can't stop.
  Sewing and selling, sewing and selling.  I love it and have never been happier.  
Here are some pics of things I made already.  Next post will be some new things, e-mail me (for now)  if you'd like to buy or have something made.      
I'm not the best photographer (Patty-c) is.  Don't judge me.                

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'll be up and running SOON, I promise.