Sunday, May 24, 2009

Share With You Sunday

You have got to check out this shop on Etsy or here.I found my soap downtown Halifax at the Love Me boutique . They don't stock everything this little shop has to offer, but, I'm sure if you ask nicely....
I am in LOVE, L O V E, Love !!!!! I am allergic to just about everything I put on my face. Then I found this little wonder, Carrot Complexion Soap. Can you say Heaven?!
Sherrie Graham runs this home based business from Yarmouth Nova Scotia. I always like to support Local business but I'd buy these goodies from China if I had to. They are soooooo nice; they smell edible ( none of that yucky soapy smell you usually get from handmade soap) they lather just enough and rinse off perfectly. I've tried the carrot and the pink grapefruit loofah, now I'm hooked and have to try them all.

Pink Grapefruit Loofah Soap
This great little round bar of high-lather soap has a section of all-natural loofah embedded in it. It makes a great scrubby surface for elbows, feet, and anywhere you want smooth skin. This is a long lasting bar which is just plain lovely. The scent is light and fresh and a perfect morning pick-me-up.

Carrot Complexion Soap
The sunrise colour of these complexion bars comes from pure organic carrot juice. Its gentle fragrance, which smells faintly like a health food store, is very mild and is from pure howood essential oil. This nutrient-rich soap is full of skin conditioning ingredients such as cocoa butter and castor oil, and your skin will thank you for washing with it!

Lavender Bath Bar

I bet this is heavenly!

Cherry Almond Bath Bar
You really NEED to smell this, stop in to Love Me even if it's just to have a little sniff. You won't be disappointed.

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