Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New goodies at Love Me !!!!

Just dropped off some new pieces at
Love Me Boutique. 
 Have you been there yet?  It's fantastic.  If you're looking for something unique you have to go check it out.  It has a little bit of everything.  All made by Canadian crafts-people; purses, jewelry, artwork, clothes, pottery, etc.... you name it she probably has it !    Most important are these beauties.......$40-$60      All are made from upcycled, recycled, previously loved; whatever you want to call it, suits.   Yes, suits.  They're fantastic, even if I do say so myself.   They are a lot of work, but I loved making them.  I didn't really want to give them away. ( a girl's gotta eat though and I know they'll get good homes)

These pictures really don't do them any justice.

I dropped off a few new tie watches and some different clutches. I can't upload the photos right now, Blogger is having a time out.  I'll post when I can.   

It's finally sunny here today and that means yardwork. My lawn looks like a grassy beast and I'm the only one that can use the electric (it has a cord?) mower.Have a Happy Happy Day.

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