Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fur-Babies Photo Shoot

Ever have a photo session with your animals?  Be sure and pick a time when they are tired.  You can always just give em a little poke to get their eyes open.
How cute is that?  That's one of my fur-babies.  B.B. Buttercup is her name.  She runs the show. 

 This beautiful creature is Eli, A.K.A- Handsome.  
He's very calm, cool and collected.     I think he 
resents his sister for being such a baby. "gives cats a bad rap"

His "bedroom eyes"

"Seriously? You're in my way."

Favorite spot, up in the loft away from all the noise.
"please, no more, I'm pooped"

Photos shot by Maggie Thomas.  Maggie LOVES animals and is a very patient and bubbly gal.  I guess you have to be if you want to deal with animals for a living.  She is just starting out and has great prices.  I you are interested and live in the Halifax area please don't hesitate to e-mail her. slade_rose@hotmail.com
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