Friday, May 15, 2009

Handmade goodies!

I can't really go on with this blog until I show you some more of my goodies.  It may seem like this is all about me, well.... it kinda is.

Up-cycled ties  $45.00

You can purchase these bad-boys at
 Love Me Boutique
1539 Birmingham Street, Halifax.
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2J6
P: 902-444-3668
E: lovemebouti
W: www.lov

Baby blanket/throw  2.5'x3'  $50.00
Up-cycled wool sweaters with orange cotton on the back side. 
You'll be sooooo cool while baby stays warm and squishy with your exclusive (one of a kind) blanket.    
 I take custom orders and can make them out of tees if you'd like. :) 

My Ex-boyfriends sweater purse.   $25 - $35
I've made a ton of these, I can even make one for you if you have a favorite sweater (wool please) that would look better as a purse.  I don't want to know where it comes from, no names please, I don't want to get involved; just e-mail me for a quote.

Stuffies:  All made from up-cycled wool sweaters (washed and felted of course)  I make them randomly and do custom orders.    
They make me smile!  You just can't help yourself can you?                                                 


I promise it won't be all about me tomorrow.  I have a fantastic local photograher I want to share with you.  toodles

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Iskandar Shah said... have a pretty good hand at these.. make things out of anything that call fabric.