Friday, September 25, 2009

Handmade Nation

Thanks to Chara At Love Me Boutique, I spent a most enjoyable evening at the Atlantic Film Festival
I'm not really much for the theatre but I had to go check this out.
Handmade Nation

"It brings the indie craft scene to the big screen. Long-time crafter and first-time filmmmaker, Faythe Levine, sets out to document the DIY movement sweeping the nation.

She Travels across the USA, interviewing dozens of artists, crafters and designers who are embracing the marriage of historical techniques with punk sensibilities and the DIY ethos. Together, they form a growing community that is spreading an appreciation of handicraft and inspiring a whole new generation to do it themselves."

Hey, That's Me!!!!!!! I've been inspired.
For anyone who is doubting themselves about their choice to do it themselves, build a
small business and make a living doing it; you have to see this documentary.
You'll definately be inspired.
Check out this site for more information.

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