Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Greenhouse - old windows

This was the inspiration.  I found it here.

I would like to thank my lovely community for their involuntary contribution to this project.   Garbage night rocks!!!  It's amazing what people throw out.  I guess I should also give a big hand, a hug and lots of kisses to my fiance Big Mac and his ADD partner in crime Sherri.  Wait till you see this!!!!  Hold your breath.......

Isn't it fabulous?  Old Windows!!!  New greenhouse!!!   Yeah!!!  
Fresh tomatoes anyone?
It isn't actually completely finished,  I just 
had to share it with you. 

Blogger won't allow me to upload more pics (again). 
I'll post the "how they made it" pics ASAP.  Notice I said "they";  you see, I didn't have much of a hand in the construction of this beauty, I'm simply the idea gal.  "OOOOH I have an Idea, can you build it for me"  that kind of gal.  Big Mac loves it!!!!! There is always something to do.  Do you think I'm taking advantage of the fact that he has ADHD?


LaurA said...

Jen! This is SO Beautiful! I absolutely love it! And would love to have a tomatoe once you grow one inside!!

Jennifer said...

So far that's the only thing in there. 2 big beautiful tom plants! I'll be starting some herbs for the winter that I might share with you. I know how much you love to cook. hugs