Monday, June 15, 2009

Greenhouse - How "They" did it.

So, blogger will NOT allow me to upload the rest of my how to pics. I'm not techy enough to figure out what I'm doing wrong. No advice needed, I'll never remember it anyway.
I did however, promise more pictures to a few people. This is what I have.

They laid all windows on the ground to get a general idea for the height and width. 4 walls, 4 layouts. If you end up with a small extra space, like over my door, fill it with a screen or piece of wood, up to you.
They framed in the windows(3 at a time) on 1 wall then put it together; for the other 3 walls they built the frame first (lots of measuring and leveling) got that standing, then screwed in the windows. (caulk everywhere, 12 tubes, 2 bulk packs of 6 from Kent)

I think Big Mac is a little obsessed with caulking and you probably don't need that many tubes.
Almost everything we used to build this palace was stuff we or Sherri(side kick, bff, muscle) had from other projects; 2x4, 2x6, concrete post things for the base, screws and nails.
They did buy the corrugated fibery sheets of stuff for the roof. 15$x 3 a sheet at Home Hardware. Safer idea than putting windows on the roof.
In total I'd say we didn't spend more than 100$ and I know it could have been done for less. Some builders are fussy and need things to be just so.

If anyone would like to see more pics I can try and send them to you by e-mail, just drop me a line.

You have to get yourself one of these. I can't bear to part with him.

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Ila & I said...

we really love your greenhouse!!! Stumbled by while wandering through crafting blogland. We are also in Halifax and I am a crafty mama starting up a high end consignment/handcrafted children's store (think love, me but children focused + consignment for wee ones). Would love more photos of your great greenhouse-our yard surely needs one! Shalom, Jessika